Thursday, April 16, 2015

A life of faith - ruins you for the ordinary!

It's been many years since I read Loren Cunningham's book; "Daring To Live On The Edge".  As I read it again it is quite encouraging and refreshing, especially in this season of my life.  As I read the opening chapter, a classic phrase jumped out at me.  “Once you’ve experienced the life of faith, it ruins you for the ordinary.”[1]  I have found this to be absolutely true for me.  I remember many years ago when the thought of a consistent salary and a more comfortable living felt quite enticing.  I flirted with returning to my hometown to move back into what I perceived at the time as a “normal life”.  As I imagined being home I remembered people, places, and activities that had been so fulfilling before and I could not wait to get home to engage with these once again.

When I returned home for a brief time I was surprised to find that the all these things that seemed to entice me home were no longer satisfying.  I thought everyone and everything had changed while I was away.  But, as I examined this more carefully, I realized that the main change that had occurred was in me.  What used to be important to me paled next to the wonders of following the Lord.  Oh, the people at home were still wonderful and I will be forever grateful for the love and investment so many have made in my life, but I had tasted an extraordinary life of following Jesus on an epic journey.  The truth was that nothing else would ever satisfy me again.

Now that I look back I am so grateful that I did not return to what I perceived as a normal life.  We have faced many challenges in this life of faith.  Along the way people have said, “You guys must really have a gift of faith”, but as I have pondered this I don’t think that’s true.  Rather, I think we have been called to live a normal Christian life, a life that the Lord wants all of us as Christians to live, and that is a life of faith.  Of course, the particulars are different for each of us because God has a particular destiny for each and every one of us.  Nonetheless, each of us is called to obey and trust God.  

Although my life has been full of challenges and at times Darla and I have wondered if we would even make it through a few situations along the way, I would not trade this epic adventure of a lifetime for the ordinary existence that I once thought so enticing.  If you are reading this, then I invite you to trust the most trustworthy being in the universe - God - and follow Him on an epic journey of your own! 

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[1] Loren Cunningham, Daring to Live on the Edge. Seattle, WA: YWAM Pub., 1991. 17.

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