Monday, June 29, 2015

June Campus Update

Campus Update

The Old Roof  on the Depot Needs to be Replaced!
Work here on the campus facilities is still moving forward this summer. We are currently preparing roofs on eight buildings for new roofs to be installed. A friend is coming with his sons (they are industrial contractors) to put the standing seam roof on at least two of these buildings. Our hope is that all these buildings will have new roofs by the end of July. 

A Friend Ordered the Material
We currently have the funding to complete one of the seven dormitory cabins and believe that the Lord will continue to send in the remaining funds in preparation for our fall quarter. Speaking of the fall quarter, we are on track for a possible record-setting quarter, but we have learned that we must pray fervently as well as work diligently to see the fruitfulness that God intends. Would you also take another 45 seconds to ask God to send laborers (students) to us this fall?

So many of you have helped in so many ways - THANK YOU!!!

Work on the Roof has Begun...

Old Roof Needs to be Replaced
One of Seven Cabins

Work is Progress - Come JOIN US!

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