Monday, September 12, 2016

Darla and I participated in YWAM Together, an international gathering of over 2000 YWAMers

Darla and I just returned from a very fruitful international gathering of our YWAM leaders and staff, and I had the privilege of helping to lead portions of the event. We had over 2000 YWAMers from around the world!
I helped to lead our breakout sessions for the Church, and one exciting outcome was that, as a group, we committed to engage 125 people groups that currently have no Bible, church, or missionaries. In addition, we discussed strategies to take the Bible to places and countries that have never had the Bible available to them. What a wonderful privilege! 

Being introduced by Darlene Cunningham at YWAM Together in KC 
Speaking Briefly at YWAM Together

Responding to Loren Cunningham's question at Kansas City Municipal Auditorium

Praying for Dr. Tim Elmore as he prepares to speak

A part of a panel discussion at YWAM Together

Responding to a panel question at YWAM Together in KC

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