Saturday, July 22, 2017

Students of our Leadership Courses Come to Our Home Weekly

I have just finished a four week stretch of teaching in our summer schools. For three weeks, I taught principles of leadership in our new Leadership Training Intensive (LTI), which is a 6-week leadership course and functions as a foundational course in leadership. This will be followed by a 3-week Discipleship Training Intensive (DTI), which is a leadership course in facilitating a discipleship process in the lives of those being lead, particularly in our Discipleship Training School. This intensive will be followed by a 24-week Internship in Disciple Making.

During these leadership courses, we have the leaders in training come to our home weekly for a time of fellowship, and generally we watch a movie that depicts good, bad, and ugly leadership and we follow this with a discussion about what they saw, what Biblical leadership principles were being violated or applied, what did they learn, and how will it affect their future leadership. I’d like to think they like coming to our home to hear the wisdom I’ve learned over the years, but I must admit that Darla’s hospitality and snacks are a very big draw J.

We have had a sense here at YWAM Orlando, that we need to strengthen our core here at YWAM Orlando, which is “Transformational Discipleship” in all its forms. These new leadership courses are a part of adding strength to our apostolic discipleship community.

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